Jamo wEAR IN40i

Jamo wEAR IN40i

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Contemporary, sleek Danish design, Comfortable, patented oval ear tips, 3-button iPod/iPhone/iPad remote, echo-canceling highly intelligible mic, superior natural sound reproduction, passive noise cancelling, bass-enhanced dual-magnet micro-speaker, available in black and white, includes 4 pairs of different sized ear tips and a protective carrying case


Jamo may best be known for speakers, but the company also offers a small range of in-ear phones of which the wEAR In30 is the middle model.

The drive unit is identical to that used in, at least, one Klipsch model (Klipsch being Jamo's parent company these days), but other details are different and there's no reason to suppose that this would be a Klipsch retread.

Jamo's description mentions 'passive noise-cancelling', by which is simply meant noise-blocking, as this model (like the others here) has no active anti-noise features. As it happens, we felt this was by a small margin the most effective at blocking external noise, but there's not really much in it.

We also felt that it had the most noisy cable, very much prone to convey friction noise (against skin and clothing) into the ears.

We're not sure the frequency extremes of the In30 are entirely honest; the response seeming to have a bit of a bathtub profile – lifted at both ends. Bass is persistently more present than we're used to, while treble has a little added fizz.

Neither of these, however, prevented us appreciating the model's very good resolution of detail. It enables one to hear deep into any mix of instruments without ever stripping away the overall cohesion of the musical image. From classical to rock to avant-garde electronica, the music was presented in a convincing and communicative way.