ROBERTS Stream 94i Portable DAB+/FM Smart Bluetooth Radio

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Top features:

- Surf thousands of stations on Internet radio

- Stream your personal collections with Bluetooth

- Take control of your device wherever you are

- Stay balanced with alarms and timers

Surf thousands of stations

Plunge into the eclectic universe of sportscasts and podcasts, talk shows and live concerts, chart toppers and comic bloopers with the Roberts Stream 94i Portable DAB+/FM Smart Bluetooth Radio.

Compact yet powerful, this handy companion has loads to offer with FM, DAB and Internet radio, giving you instant access to entertainment and information. Enjoy thousands of stations, 120 of which you can preset for instant access.

Stream your personal collections

Stay happy with endless ways of tuning into your 94i. Stream from your PC or smartphone with Bluetooth, pop in a USB key with your favourite songs, or crank up your Spotify to unearth smooth musical gems.

Take control

Controlling the Stream couldn't be easier, no matter where you are. When you're at the opposite end of the house and a great song needs turning up, simply whip out your smartphone pump up the volume.

Additionally, the radio comes with a remote control, while the dials, buttons and display on the device itself are a simple joy to toy with.

Stay balanced

Structure your day with music. Rely on the portable clock radio to lull you into a goodnight sleep. In the morning, press snooze to your heart's content and wake up feeling fresh as a daisy.